Meet Our Staff

Allie is a doctoral student in the Clinical Psychology PhD program. She holds a BA in Psychology, Theatre and Media Studies from the University at Buffalo. Allie previously worked as an entertainment writer for the website Bustle and as a copywriter for several companies. Outside of school, Allie loves movies, yoga, museums, trying new restaurants, and weekend trips upstate to visit her family in her hometown of Voorheesville, NY.

Originally from California, Andrea has worked in writing center administration in the New York area since 2007. Andrea researches how working in a writing center affects tutors’ civic engagement. Outside of the writing center, she can often be found cooking, swimming, or traveling with her family.

Ariana is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Video/Television Production at Hofstra. In her free time, Ariana loves going to concerts, watching the Food Network and spending her weekends adventuring around New York City. Ariana enjoys working closely with students to refine their grammar skills and brainstorm new ideas for their writing projects.

Armand is from the Baltimore area and is currently pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering. When not in the writing center, he can probably be found in Weed or Adams hall working on engineering design problems. His favorite things in life are good food, good coffee, and excellent music.

Ashley is graduate student pursuing an MA in Creative Arts Therapy. She holds a BS is Psychology with a minor in Studio Art from the City College of New York. Ashley enjoys painting and sculpting as well as spending time with her friends and family.

Brandon is from New York and has spent much of his life between Queens and Brooklyn. He is currently working on his Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics and plans to pursue a Master’s degree in Public Health. Brandon likes to study languages and likes to watch TV shows and sports. In the future, he plans to work with health organizations and programs that help oppressed communities. Brandon specializes in citations, linguistics and speech-language pathology writing, cultural and racial studies writing, community health writing, and making outlines.

Dianne is a Public Relations student from Staten Island, New York. Along with working at the writing center, Dianne is a professional student ID printer at HofstraCard Services, a member of WRHU and yearbook editor. She is a boyband enthusiast who lives vicariously through misheard lyrics. Dianne specializes in communication writing and MLA formatting. She also enjoys brainstorming sessions and reviewing grammar and sentence structure.

Elizah is from The Bronx, New York and is working towards a degree in public relations. When she is not in the writing center, she can be found hanging with her sorority sisters from Alpha Epsilon Phi, working out at the gym, eating at Au Bon Pain, or reading about social justice issues. She also loves to learn about new things and is super open-minded. Elizah specializes in MLA and APA formats, public relations and communications writing, and literature.

Grace is pursuing a degree in Speech-Language Pathology graduate program. She likes to watch movies and Netflix shows. She enjoys working with people on personal statements, resumes, and cover letters.

Jessica is from East Waterboro, Maine. She’s currently pursuing a degree in Publishing Studies, along with a double minor in Business and French. During her free time, Jessica can be found studying languages, reading, or practicing ballroom dance. She also enjoys traveling when not encumbered with crippling student debt. Jessica specializes in literary reviews, analytical essays, business writing, and literature.

Kara is from northern Maryland and is working towards a bachelor’s degree in Drama. Outside of the writing center, she enjoys tap dancing and playwriting. Kara specializes in Shakespearean analysis, historical essays, and argumentative essays.

Kirby is from Maryland and is pursuing a degree in Publishing Studies. In her free time, she enjoys reading, eating, and spending time with her friends. Kirby loves working with students to improve their writing and specializes in MLA citations, quote integration, outline creation, and grammar.

Originally from New Hampshire, Kirsten is pursuing a degree in Publishing Studies. She loves to read, bake, and solve logic puzzles. Interested in any fiction work, Kirsten can always be counted on for a book recommendation. She specializes in MLA format, brainstorming, and argumentative essay writing.

Kristina is from Maryland and is working towards her degree in History and Liberal Arts. She loves working with students on brainstorming for assignments and specializes in Chicago format. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with friends.

Kyle is pursuing his MFA with a concentration in poetry. He was born in Texas and raised in Connecticut. He is the current 2016 MFA Teaching Fellow. In his free time, Kyle likes to play video games, read poetry, cook, and of course, write. He enjoys working with students to see the writing process from start to finish. Kyle specializes in MLA format, Creative Writing, Poetry, Native American Literature, Native American Two-Spirit Literature and Shakespeare.

Michael is a writer, traveler, and teacher from Boston, Massachusetts. His research interests include Dutch-American History, American Literature, and Basic/First Year writing.

Nick is from beautiful Colorado Springs, CO. He is currently attempting a double major in Publishing Studies and Classics. In addition to tutoring, he enjoys writing poetry, playing tabletop games (board, card, and roleplaying), juggling, and watching Big Brother (a show which he will one day win). Nick especially enjoys helping students unravel complex and difficult ideas in their papers, and likes meeting with students online just as much as meeting in person in the center.

Paul Kirpal Gordon (KP) is a born-and-raised New Yorker, fiction writer, prose poet, freelance ghostwriter and editor, literary consultant to entrepreneurs and small business teams, music/book reviewer, blogger at Taking Giant Steps, interviewer, spoken word performer, bandleader and adjunct professor.

Tyler is a current MFA student from Long Island who also holds a BA in Theatre and English literature. In addition to everything literary and writing-based, he is a massive film buff and can usually be found wandering NYC in search of the next screening or exhibition.