About the Blog

pencil1Welcome to FLOW, the blog for the Hofstra University’s Writing Center!

The word “flow” is a word we, writing tutors, hear very often in the Writing Center.

“I’m just worried about the flow.”
“I just want to make sure it all flows.”
“Check my flow, please.”

“Flow” has become the blanket term for any form of writing insecurity. When a student enters the Writing Center concerned about “flow”, we know that we have to read for everything. A fear of bad “flow” most often blossoms into something else entirely, and that gets us really to the root of what makes us all better writers.

In naming this blog FLOW, we are embracing a term that many of us have used at any given time. With FLOW, we hope to share our reflections on the work we do in the Center, on the processes of writing, reading, and generating ideas, and most importantly, on our own growth as writers and educators. We are embracing insecurity, progress, the writing process, and ultimately, the idea that we, too, have places and ways to improve even in our writing. Talk with us, engage with us, and learn with us because as we all know, writing is collaborative!

This blog is developed and maintained by the tutors and staff at the Writing Center, and thus its principles, focus, and goals are an extension of those of the Writing Center (you can read more about the mission of the Writing Center here).

Thanks for reading!