How to Prepare for Your Appointment

Need help figuring out who to make an appointment with?

  • Each tutor has a “Tutor Bio” that will tell you a little bit about each tutor and what they are good at working on. Click on an appointment for that tutor to read their bio.
  • Even though tutors have specific things that they are good at working on, any tutor can help you with any assignment.
  • Make sure to look at the times that each tutor is available and see which one can work well with your schedule.

So you made an appointment at the Writing Center? Great! Here are some tips on how to prepare for your appointment:

  • Make sure you bring the assignment questions or prompts that your professor gives you. If you have any other information that you think you may need (books, articles, etc.), be sure to bring those as well.
  • Some tutors prefer working with a paper copy of your assignment. Other tutors don’t mind working with you on a computer. Consider printing out your assignment, even if you plan on using your computer! Don’t worry about not being able to print out your assignment if you are not able to, however.
  • Come with some idea of what you would like to work on. We can help you brainstorm, but only if you know what you want to accomplish.
  • If you have specific questions about the assignment, ask your professor first and then your tutor can provide more assistance.
  • Try to remember the name of your tutor. This makes your check-in much smoother!

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