Trying to Find the Time to Write

By Jessica Day ` You’re running off of approximately four hours and twenty-three minutes of sleep. After it goes below the six-hour mark, you begin to keep track of minutes and seconds while you stare at the time on your phone, half-covered by your notes and textbook. You’re taking six classes this semester, you have … Continue reading Trying to Find the Time to Write


Nine Ways That You’re Already a Writer

By Allie Funk, Graduate Student Tutor Some people find the very idea of sitting down to write to be intimidating because they don’t identify as “writers.” If you view writing as a fine art that only a few can master, then yes, it’s going to seem like a gargantuan task every time you’re assigned a … Continue reading Nine Ways That You’re Already a Writer

The Writing Nomad

By: Kyle Pratt, Graduate Student Tutor The Writing Nomad A steel table was set up by the the brook. I planted myself on one of the cold chairs. The big willow tree that lined the brook casts a perfect shadow. It engulfed the table in a cool shade. The sun was high in the sky … Continue reading The Writing Nomad


Don’t Body-Shame a Muffin

by: Armand St. Pierre, Undergraduate Tutor You may be wondering: “Body shame a muffin? What the hell?” Let me clarify. The age old adage goes “muffins are just ugly cupcakes”. The sinister assumption here is that the muffin’s lifelong aspiration is to be the best cupcake it can be, with the brightest and sugariest cupcake … Continue reading Don’t Body-Shame a Muffin


Welcome to H.U.W.C.A Lounge

Hi there, Welcome to the Hofstra Writing Center's new blog H.U.W.C.A Lounge. Here our center's tutors will be sharing our personal tips and tricks, as well as some of our research, creative work, reflections on writing and the writing process, etc.  We hope our expertise is of use and you enjoy our work.


How to Prepare for Your Appointment

Need help figuring out who to make an appointment with? Each tutor has a "Tutor Bio" that will tell you a little bit about each tutor and what they are good at working on. Click on an appointment for that tutor to read their bio. Even though tutors have specific things that they are good … Continue reading How to Prepare for Your Appointment